This section will focus on the backoffice features and workflows, and how operators can make full usage of it.

Main features

The available functionalities are summarized as following:





Operations Management


Operations listing and details consulting, document details consulting, and data visualization of client services operations consumptions by day and month throughout a Dashboard.


Operators Management


Operators listing, including details editing and consulting, and credentials redefinition.

Certificates Management


Registered certificates listing, including details editing and consulting, and certificate authority access renewal.

Client Services Management


Client services listing, including details editing and consulting, customization of visual templates and general configurations, and configuration test.

Issuer Companies Management


Issuer companies listing, including details editing and consulting, and resources consulting.

Partner Companies Management


Partner companies listing and details editing and consulting.

Reports Management


Reports listing and details consulting.

System Configurations


Certificate authorities listing, including details editing and consulting, and customization of system visual templates and general configurations.


Organizational Roles

Sign’Stash is splitted in a set of core concepts that are descibed below:


Operator Roles

All backoffice features are restricted according the operator role. The available roles supported by the backoffice service are (by hierarchical order):

  • System administrator: operator responsible for the management and configuration of the electronic invoice solution.

  • Partner: operator of the partner company responsible for the client service management.

  • Issuer: operator of the issuer company which produces the activity that originates the invoice to be signed.

  • Auditor: operator of the tax authority with capacity to consult and validate information registered in the service for a passive subject.

Access Backoffice Service

To start using the backoffice service, you will need to execute the following steps:

  1. Navigate to Sign’Stash Backoffice through one of the following environments:

    1. Integration test environment:

    2. Production environment:

  2. Login in the backoffice with your operator account.

Getting Started

To start using the Sign’Stash backoffice you can follow the guidelines described in the Integration sub page .

Those instructions will guide you on how to subscribe to the Sign’Stash service and setup your own client service on the backoffice.