Integration On-Premise

The following section aims only at clients who choose to do the on-premise integration process with their client services.

If you do not want to proceed with an on-premise integration, please ignore this page.

This section will focus on integration schemes and respective functionalities allowed by an on-premise component (installed in the client-side), and how a client service can make full usage of them.

This on-premise component targets clients that require to execute digital signatures without sending their documents to the Sign’Stash services, either store or preserve them.

Global Overview

The Sign’Stash solution is composed of the following major components:





Integration Service


Exposed REST Interface to receive client services requests for executing digital signatures on the supplied documents.

If subscribed, this component can also notify the client service end user(s) that a set of digitally signed documents are available for consult.

Client Portal


Web application portal for end users to consult the available documents to which they received a notification.

Document Issuer Backoffice


Web application backoffice for client issuer operators to configure and manage the usage of the Sign’Stash service.

Sign’Stash Proxy Client


The on-premise component that enables the execution of digital signatures only with the document hash, avoiding the need to sent the document’s content to the MUST environment.

Besides generating the document hashes, the component forwards the signature requests to the Integration Service acting as a Proxy. Thus, client services that benefit from the on-premise integration will communicate with this component instead of the Integration Service to request a digital signature.

Proposed Architecture

For global reference the Sign’Stash provided components are in white background, and the blue background pertains to the client service components.