Partner Company Registration

A partner is a company that provides and manages a client service, and the issuer is the company that consumes that service and generates documents to be signed by a qualified certificate.

Subscribe Sign’Stash as a Partner

If you don’t have a partner account, you will need to execute the following steps:


  1. Navigate to Sign’Stash Partner Subscription Form.


2. Fill in the subscription form with your document partner company data and your user information.


3. After our operators validate the provided information, you will received two e-mails with the following information:

  • Confirmation that your partner company was successfully activated for consumption of Sign’Stash services.

  • Operator account creation notification.

Following the provided link, you will be required to define the operator account password in order to access your partner company backoffice.

If the operator credentials are not defined within the defined period, then you can execute a “forget password” flow to request a new link.


Register Associated Issuers

To register issuer companies related with your partner company you must provide them your partner code, such that they can use it when creating an issuer account as described in the Integration sub page

  • You can get your company partner code from the activation e-mail, as depicted in the first e-mail of step 3.

    • The partner code has the format: <COUNTRY_ISO_CODE>.<VAT_NUMBER>

    • Example: PRT.123456789

You can also provide your issuers with a link to the issuer subscription form which contains the partner code already configured, avoiding the need for them to write the code in the form. This way, the partner code field is automatically filled and locked, and can’t be changed by your issuer.